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Jan 29, 2015

Choosing a Medical Office for Lease

You know you can’t lease any empty space available and turn it into a medical office. There are medical office buildings (MOB) available which are specifically built for medical practices. MOB’s architecture is different and so is its interior. These buildings are a part of the commercial real estate business, and for a medical practitioner, it might get a little confusing in the beginning to understand the norms of real estate and make a wise choice. There are a lot of things one needs to consider while getting a medical office for lease and here is a list of a few of those considerations you need to make.

1. Lease

Getting a medical office for lease is a great option if you are financially not prepared to buy the place for yourself. Before making any big moves, make sure you meet the owner of the building and clarify all your doubts regarding the duration of the lease, the amount and various other factors like insurance, maintenance of the building, etc. You don’t want to rush into a MOB that you cannot afford or that is simply not worth the high amount.

Medical Office for Lease. Colliers

2. Location

Location of the MOB plays a bigger role than you can imagine. Though the building is situated in a good locality and everything is fine with the lease amount, if the building is situated in a far off place which would take hours to drive, your investment is simply not worth the price. Always make sure that the medical office is within the city premises and mostly located in a place that’s closer to your patients.

3. Medical Equipment

The specialty of a MOB is that it is ideally constructed for medical practices. The interiors are built in a ready to occupy fashion so that you don’t have to make any major modifications to the place. However, it is better to inspect the place inch to inch before you get the medical office for lease. Check if the building is ideally suited for your domain of practice and if there is enough room for your medical equipment to occupy before you finalize the deal.

4. Place

There’s a lot of difference between a location and a place. Though you are lucky to get a medical office for lease in a location that’s right in the center of the city, if it is located in a place that’s awfully busy and dusty, it might become a major obstacle to your practice. A medical office building (MOB) needs to be located in a quiet and clean place so that your patients can feel relieved and not tensed.

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