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Jan 29, 2015

4 New Year Resolutions for Your Home Appliances

Getting back to a gym routine is a great resolution, but what about taking care of those appliance repairs? A lot of people get stuck in the same old routines, resolutions and promises this time of year. However, it’s better to pepper in some simple, fast and affordable resolutions along with those long term goals. A great place to start is taking care of your home and your family.

Raise your hand if you got your annual appliance check done in the autumn for every appliance you rely on day after day. It’s okay if you missed that on the to-do list—the holidays can make it tough to manage your time. However, it’s a new year and it’s high time that you prioritized taking care of your appliances. They’re often one of the biggest investments inside the home and can serve you for years (if you return the favor from time to time).

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Here are some fast, simple and affordable New Year’s resolutions that will keep your home running like clockwork:

1. Have your heating/AC system maintained

You’re probably still relying on plenty of heat to get you through the winter months, but summer will be here before you know it. Schedule a routine maintenance check for your entire HVAC unit and be prepared for whatever the weather may throw your way. As a bonus, doing so will also optimize your system, saving you money and allowing for more energy conversion.

2. Schedule your refrigerator inspection

Has the ice maker been dishing up strange smelling cubes, or do you just want to make sure it’s working the best it can? Refrigerators can be serious energy and money sucks if they’re not maintained. After all, they need to work as hard as it takes to maintain the temperature of your choosing. If they’re overworking because of a needed repair, you’re paying for it (handsomely) every month.

3. Add an oven/stove check

No matter how vintage or new your oven and stove may be, this is a major danger spot in the home. One repair that goes untended or any unnoticed red flag can lead to a house fire. Plus, just like all other appliances, if it’s not maintained then you’re probably overpaying. You just gave this appliance a serious workout during the holidays, and part of its “recovery” should include a maintenance inspection.

4. Ensure the dishwasher is working well

If you were to run your dishes in a brand new dishwasher, you’d probably be shocked by how much cleaner they come out. Quality detergent and the right settings can only do so much. Your dishwasher has numerous working parts, and they can all wear out. If you really want to get 2015 off to a “clean” start, begin by making sure your dishwasher is 100 percent functional. If not, who knows what else is in that glass of water you just poured? Food remnants aren’t great additions.

Most importantly, commit to not waiting until disaster strikes to take care of your HVAC and appliances. Maintenance is the key to preventing big breaks and big bills.

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