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Feb 6, 2015

Step by step instructions to choose glass tiles

Glass tile is a sort of ornamental hued glass with little specification.every piece of the glass tile should be printed with a logo on the surface of the bundle, with the name, date of generation, color number, particular, amount, weight (terrible weight, net weight), furthermore with clammy evidence, delicate and stacking course logo, and joined review testaments. The glass tile might be stuffed with containers in which waterproof paper should be arranged. The items inside should be put methodical and nearly. 

General determination 

Give careful consideration to whether the particles have the same determination and the same size; whether the edge of every little molecule is clean; whether it is level when putting a solitary glass tile on the level ground; whether it has excessively thick emulsion layer on the over of a solitary glass tile. 

On the once more of each and every bit of the glass tile might have serration or trapezium depression lines, so it can consolidate stronger when cleared. 

Aside from ensuring the glue quality, the glues utilized should be effectively washed off from the glass mosaic, and it can't harm the support paper or stain the glass tile. 

Watching the glass tile in the stature of around 40 centimeters in the characteristic light and testing outwardly whether it has break, deformity lacking edge and corner. 

Select nine sections of glass tiles in irregular and consolidate them into a square, put them on a level and decently lighted spot, test outwardly out yonder of 1.5 meters to see whether its radiance is even; if not, it will blur effectively in the wet latrine, affecting the divider appearance magnificence. 

glass tiles
Glass tiles (Dreamstime)

Low water assimilation 

It is an essential component to guarantee the strong of the glass tile, so we have to test its water ingestion. Dribbling the water on the over of the glass tile, the particular case that floods has great quality, and the particular case that penetrates inside has low quality. 

Thorough innovation 

Firstly, you can feel its tricky counteract degree when touching the coating. At that point give careful consideration to its thickness, which chooses thickness. The higher the thickness is, the bring down the water ingestion will be. The last is the composition. The glass tile coating amidst the inner layer generally fits in with the glass tile with great quality.

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